We all have value

Resident responds to a recent letter about people hanging out on local streets

In response to B. Millers’s letter, “Enforcement needed,” my heart goes out to this 66-year-old retiree because he can’t shop in peace.

I feel so bad that he has to put up with, “musicians that are hard on his ears,” and, “beggars soliciting funds.” But mostly I feel sorry for B. Miller because he believes  that if we, “get rid of these guys,” he would be rid of what appears to be the biggest   problem in his life right now. Instead of getting annoyed when he see’s these guys, I would suggest he be thankful for the life he has.  I don’t know what’s around the  corner or who, but I do know that whoever it is, musician, beggar or shopper, we are  all vulnerable, and more importantly we all have value and something to give.

Wendy Justice-Edwards