Westside byelection

Resident says the premier had another choice besides calling a by-election

Kudos to Mr. Griffin (letter to the editor, Party leader gets to be premier) for his erudite explanation concerning our provincial political system as it relates to a premier’s options subsequent to suffering defeat in their own riding despite the election of their party.

He failed, however, to mention the premier’s other alternative in that regard.

Apparently, the defeated premier also has the option to resign as party leader.

It is interesting to note in all of this discussion, despite the reported extraordinary cost to hold a byelection, I understand in excess of $500,000, at the taxpayers’ expense I might add, the defeated premier courageously marches on.

So much for fiscal responsibility and effective economic management.

I wonder if our seniors in wheelchairs would appreciate this moment of inspiration and, furthermore, will the taxpayer also be on the hook if she is defeated once again and insists on forcing another byelection, and on and on?

Perhaps you can answer that question for us Mr. Griffin and, by the way, possibly our own elected member of the Legislature can provide us with his opinion in this matter.


J. Swartz