What for?

Expensive batteries stolen from local youth who worked during the summer

An open letter to the person, or persons, who came on to our property and stole the batteries, battery case and charger for my 15-yr-old son’s Ebike recently.

My son bought that Ebike with his own money and was using it to ride to and from his summer job at the army camp.

Recently, we realized the batteries that came with the bike were weak and needed to be replaced.

It cost over $300 to put four new batteries in there and he hadn’t even finished paying for them when you came into our carport and selfishly took them for yourself.

He had to be at his job at 6 a.m. every morning, so guess who had to get up and drive him there?

My question is this – Why do you even ride an Ebike?

Do you feel good because you are not emitting CO2 while riding around town?  You obviously robbed him because you are too cheap to buy new batteries yourself.

So what you lack in human sympathy, you make up for in environmental compassion?

Now, my son has an Ebike that is completely useless and is paying for something that he no longer owns.

I hope that makes you feel good as you save our planet.

Darren Strutt