What gives?

Resident questions regional district's plans for providing cultural grants

A recent Morning Star contained an advertisement from the Regional District of the North Okanagan. Its focus was “2013 Greater Vernon Arts, Culture and Youth Project Grants.”

The focus of the ad is “….a grant application process for community organizations planning to provide a festival, event or project, featuring arts, culture and/or youth based elements for the benefit of Greater Vernon residents.”

Now, I’m all for arts and culture, particularly when the focus is on youth. Also, I’m all for the residents of Greater Vernon being dragged away from their iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, TVs, cellphones, etc., and focussing more on arts and culture. Finally, I’m all for taxpayer dollars being spent on the possible refinement of that segment of society that would otherwise be bereft of the gentler side of entertainment.

What I am not for, however, is a minor level of government, that gleans its operating budget from the entire population of the North Okanagan, but then spends a portion of that on a venture that is focused only on a portion of those taxpaying contributors, namely the residents of Greater Vernon.

What gives, RDNO?

Mark Levey