What has council done?

Resident has concerns about the actions of Vernon city hall

Vernon council past and present, just what have you done for Vernon recently and in the past?

My house taxes have risen in the past few years. Past council and mayor have spent millions of dollars on 29th Street, derelict buildings and homes. Oh yes, bicycle lanes on 25th Avenue. Most people who ride bicycles know they ride on the right shoulder of the road.

Maybe you should light up 30th Avenue. Do seniors ever walk after dark downtown? Never.

The water referendum. You did not tell us the cost per month for taxpayer and you want a yes vote – dream on. My last quarterly water bill for two people was $300-plus.

We will have the running track at Okanagan College. You want a race track? What for, racing is dead. A new arts centre and ball parks used once a year. Another ice rink at Kal Tire Place. Where will we park our cars? And the Lakers par three golf course, the city let it die and it’s now a pasture.

Another item neglected is the Schubert Centre. They cater to seniors every day and are mainly run by volunteers, yet they receive a pittance for exemption on taxes. Yet you have many churches open a few hours a week who are totally exempt.

Churches should have a look at opening their doors during the week for many things – for seniors, a room for cards, exercising, possibly an arts centre. Earn your exemption.

RCMP boots on the ground. Do the walk downtown every day and night, not once a year.

Economy: Factors that may help, lower parking fees, lower bus fares, lower carbon taxes, PST, lower house taxes, price of stamps. Take extra care of our natural resources.

J.A. Kitchen