What’s the point?

There is an old saying, “People get the government they deserve.”  Most young Libyans knew they deserved better and some put their lives on the line for freedom.

In the established democracies many people are too busy earning a living and dealing with personal problems to be overly concerned with politics.

What’s the point of writing a letter to the editor or complaining to a government bureaucrat? To the average citizen such efforts seem like a waste of time. Even the effort of voting is too much for some.

A few ambitious people, with their own personal agendas, take the time and make the effort to cultivate politicians. Some of those ambitious people even pride themselves in their ability to pat a politician on the back and at the same time pick the pocket of the public.

If Canadians would regularly contribute their voice to the evolving process of ethical government by compassionate consensus, then Canada’s democracy would serve as an even better model for the disenfranchised people of the world.

Lloyd Atkins