When does the spending end?

Renovations to old library for city office space, communications officer, street narrowing among list of unnecessary spending

We, the taxpayers of Vernon, are going to need to spend $600,000 to renovate the old library to save $64,000 in rent for more office space.

Gee, let me do the math — $64,000 times 10 years equals the same amount we are going to spend in one year so all our staff can have brand new, state-of-the-art offices. Say in 10 years, won’t we need to remodel again, or maybe the furnace or something else expensive will go.

Now we have hired another fluff job at city hall — a communications liaison. It seems to me that was the news people’s job.

Now we have our own personal media person to talk on the radio, create Facebook pages and do Twitter. What a waste.

Just like our school liaison that looks after our schools, or the transportation liaison or, even better, the disaster liaison. How can any of these jobs be a full-time position?

Let’s get building that new $7 million running track too so we can give more money to city hall, with a proposed increase in taxes and a stunning 34 per cent increase for water.

The city seems to be building greenways and replacing plants and shrubs and the rest of us can’t even afford to flush our toilets. Two million dollars for the pool, and the new library we had a referendum on and said no, but it was built anyway.

Another $7 million on aging road infrastructure improvements, or was it street narrowing?

It’s a good thing we didn’t have much snow or Allenby Way would be a single-lane road.

Now, with all of those eight-foot sidewalks, we have city employees that drive around on bobcats and clean them and the rest of us have to shovel our own or be fined.

We spent another couple of million dollars building a new, state-of-the-art transit centre and moving the main terminus to the other end of town. But we still need to keep the current stop as that is where all of the seniors need to catch the bus.

Now, we need a new art gallery and museum. When does it end?

Sarah Moore, Vernon