Wild animal

Letter-writer concerned about exotic animals at the Armstrong fair

To Bryan Burns, IPE Manager: Firstly, thanks for the work that you and your team do bringing the IPE to our lovely little town year after year. It is a source of pride and nostalgia (I have personally attended the fair every one of my 31 years!). Your hard work and attention to detail is evident.

I am not typically a “picky pants” letter writer but I feel there was a sharp departure this year from the spirit and intention of the traditional IPE. I totally understand adding new features and attractions to the fair but, I was totally dismayed to see zoo animals at the fair this year. Not only is the presence of wild animals held in captivity ethically questionable, but a sharp departure from the agricultural tradition of the IPE. Personally, I do not go to zoos or aquariums where wild animals are held in captivity and, upon seeing the lions and camel at the fair I felt totally betrayed that my admission money had, in some part, gone to subjugate these animals.

I was hoping to enjoy the fair next year with my first child who will be born in November, but I fear I will not be able to come if the wild animals will be there again.

Thanks for taking my concerns into consideration.

Laurel Eckhoff McPherson

BA, M.Ed