Wild animals

Display of exotic animals at Interior Provincial Exhibition raises concerns

I was looking through The Morning Star and saw a picture of a Siberian tiger and a camel captive at the Interior Provincial Exhibition.

This saddened me greatly. Wild animals deserve their freedom. Instead, they are kept in cages being stared at by onlookers. If we could know what these beautiful animals are thinking, it might change the opinion of some people.

They must be in great distress as memories of the wonderful wilderness are in their minds. It is far from right to catch such wild animals only so people can stare at them for a few moments.

These poor, unfortunate animals spend hour after hour lying around just for the amusement of us humans.

I know that if I had the power, I would surely set these poor creatures free.

It would bring me great joy to see all of them set free. To watch them walk away and join their own kind would be wonderful.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the power to set these gorgeous animals free.

What I can do, though, is hope that all you who read this letter stop and think for a moment about how joyful it would be if all of these animals had the rightful happiness of being free and could roam around in their natural environment.

What we all can do is unite together in agreement that wild animals should be left alone to have the freedom and the happiness of living out their lives in their natural habitat where ever in the world that is.

If we could all begin to agree on this, this world would become a much more thoughtful and caring place.

Violet Mobley