Wildfire risk

Resident is urging everyone to be cautious when using campfires

On July 15, I went up the King Edward Road with my brother and sister-in-law to watch him do his wing flying off the mountain.

On the way up, we passed a man and a woman who had been camping on a little pullout off the road, and they had a small campfire going. An hour later on our way back down the mountain, we came to the campsite and there was no one there. It was quite strange as the campfire was still going.

All we had in the car were our water bottles and an old empty plastic bread bag we found on the road to pack water from a creek across the road and through a barbed wire fence.

After watching the news on the fire at Ellison park, I’m wondering if some people are totally dumb and dumber when it comes to fires with the forest so dry?


Jenny Douglas