Wildlife woes

Residents concerned about society handles animals like bears

One may want to ask what type of society we dwell in? One where life is only valued when it does not inconvenience our daily self-delusion of what life is.

Take the case recently or many cases of killing other species that inhabit their environment which we trespass upon. Long before we were here animals existed.  They did what animals do and for that, they kept nature in balance and harmony.

In comes the human race and decides, as a superior race (that is a laugh), that all life is expendable to us if in anyway it may inconvenience us. We self-righteous, arrogant humans feel that the eradication of life is our right. That other species have no right to life if they show their face around us. Yes I am talking about the inhumane rash of killings by the so-called protectors of society.

What is that, oh a deer, shoot it. What is that, oh a bear, shoot it.  What is that, oh a bear with children, terminate them.

Why? Why not! They have infringed upon the sacred holy ground that we have deemed our own.

The most recent annihilation was a bear. He was just doing what a bear does. He ended up in the wrong place and he went up a tree to feel safe until he could see an out, a way to get back to where he would feel safe. What do we do?  Shoot him.

After all, he was a threat. Yet let’s look at our own insanity of what a threat is. Did he harm or kill or threaten anyone? No. Why wasn’t he tranquilized? Because, bottom line, it is cheaper to use one bullet and discard his carcass in the dump than it is to relocate the poor little, confused guy.

If a human has killed many people, we put him in jail, then release him so we can find out if he is still a threat. Why do we not kill this person who has threatened, attacked and killed? Because we pride ourselves on acts of being humane and after all, any animal, but a human, is not aware of what humane is, so just terminate it that way we can keep our conscious clear.

I have to laugh when the police or conservation officers speak of humane acts of killing. You can hear all kinds of rhetoric about how it is inhumane to relocate a bear. They will be in hostile territory and may have to fight another bear for turf. They may have to search out food and water.

Well wake up people. What do you think they do when they leave mom? Yes, they search for their turf. They may have to fight another bear and they go off in search of food and water. It is very rare that one bear kills another in territorial disputes.

Then there is the excuse that even if we relocate him (mostly because the vast majority are smart enough to know the animal would most likely survive), the bear would just return.

Really! How dumb do you think people are? It is true there are a few that may find their way back and yet. Why would a bear walk 50 miles to return to some place if he/she finds ample food and water where they are? These lame excuses have been used as an excuse to save money and for convenience.

We spend multiple millions of dollars destroying nature and pouring concrete over everything, so why would we want to preserve anything to do with nature? Why relocate when we can exterminate?

Let’s develop every inch of lakefront so the animals have no place to access water, and then when they do trespass upon our God-given land, we can sit on our front decks and shoot them. This will in essence remove any need for forestry or conservation officials and we can save more money that way.

Our beautiful province is supposed to be noted for its nature and wildlife. We don’t blink an eye that it costs $178,000 a year to keep one person in jail and yet with all of the money taxed and sent to our government, they will not put anything towards saving and preserving life because money matters and life does not, unless it is a human. Maybe one day we will prove that we are a superior race and respect all life, but at the rate we are going, I doubt it.


Mark Sandberg