Resident questions why there aren't resources to relocate animals

The Morning Star editorial titled, “Officers made the right call with call,” states that conservation officers do not have the time or the resources to relocate wildlife that has strayed out of its usual habitat.

How ironic. There are budget resources aplenty for the likes of skiers who wantonly disregard safety boundaries and have to be rescued – manpower, vehicles, helicopters, etc.

However, there are absolutely no resources for an animal that has wandered into a residential area in search of food. Is this not an issue that needs to be reviewed with a solution in mind?

As for an assumed contest for territory between two cats in the forest as a result of a new one being deposited by whatever means, I close my eyes.

I can see the resident cougar confronting the newly arrived transplant and declaring, “I have weapons of mass destruction which I will use if you don’t leave my territory. You can’t stay here. All of this land is mine. If you don’t leave, I’ll have to resort to violence.”

Really? This is quite a fiction to expect me to believe.

M. Harter