Wise words

Letter writer says families, and not the state, should be involved in children's lives

This is a response to the editorial entitled “Dialogue needed over child care,” Oct. 14.

Over the past few decades, there has been an increasing push to view the child as a child of the state.  Thus, the state seeks the right  to assume the responsibility for the care, well-being and education of the child.

The child is actually first and foremost a child of the family.  In the natural order the child is born into a family.

That family then has the right and responsibility to protect, guide and nurture that child.  Interaction in a loving family develops an appreciation and respect for privacy, as well as other valuable skills which foster the dignity of the human person. Many “experts” do not seem to grasp that reality.  It is also a reality that strong, civilized and productive societies have strong families as a foundation.

Family life has broken down during recent decades, making it easier for the state to move in and take over.  Indeed, it is the very philosophy of state intrusion and control that has contributed greatly to this sad situation.

It does not seem to occur to many people that more government control will lead to less and less individual freedom.

This is a socialist agenda based on control of the dumbed-down and thus easily manipulated masses, as opposed to a society of strong, independent, well-educated individuals who have compassion and respect for their fellow man.

Given the questionable tactics and materials being foisted on even very young children in state schools across the country, good family homes are of paramount importance.

If at all possible, the most beneficial educational situation for the child, the family, and society as a whole would be private schooling or home schooling – at least until state schools regain their proper role and focus.

The role of schools is to work with families for the benefit of children, to concentrate on imparting knowledge and practical skills — not to be be preoccupied with time-consuming and detrimental social engineering tactics designed to stimulate emotions, dull the mind, and erase the spiritual dimension.

Confucius said:  “Those who turn the education of their children over to someone else without strict supervision are derelict in their duty.”

Those wise words are even more valid and vital today.

M. Strangward