Within our means

As we the public and owners of the City of Vernon are being told by everyone including the council to live within our means why do they not try this?

Why at this time in the economy does the council want to hold meetings (at a cost to us) to try and get us to let them spend monies that they do not have. We have done with the sports venues that we have now for this long, why think about spending monies on acquiring land and build a new sports area – Okanagan College area proposal? Why are you wasting monies trying to close down the Kin race track and spend more monies we do not have to make it into more sports fields?

We do not need referendums to decide these items at this time.  Do we have 50 per cent of the cost in the bank? No, then let’s put if off until we can afford these and many more things. If we have any monies in the bank that we can use elsewhere let’s pay down our debt and get out of debt and then put away for things that we would like to have.

When the council can give us the owners of Vernon hard evidence that the city is in need of these or any major expenditures; because the city is growing or will grow and that we need and can afford them then extra monies should be saved.

I for one wish to leave a legacy to my child and other children in this community that we, as citizens cared enough to leave the city in a position of fiscal responsibility for them. Let us hold our council and mayor to task to achieve this, starting now we do not need these expansions or meetings that cost us monies.

Put a stop to all major civic developments that are not needed.

Garry Haas