Wrong direction

Resident questions the move towards legalizing marijuana

When one observes and considers the state of our society, it becomes obvious that we are headed in the wrong direction.  One change that is occurring that shows people’s contempt for the law is the belligerent attitude towards smoking marijuana.

This I will break into two segments, those using it for medical purposes (which does seem to provide some benefit), and those who just want to smoke dope.

There is already an infrastructure in place to provide for medicinal use. There is one legal grow-op in Kelowna that I know of, and stores here in Vernon where people with the proper credentials can purchase it.

Just like pharmaceutical drugs that are legally sold yet can be dangerous at the same time, the various strains of pot may help people function and live easier lives. With this already in place, there is no need or value in legalizing the use of marijuana for everybody.

Governments have recognized the detrimental health effects of cigarette smoking, and are acting to discourage people from getting into this filthy habit. Why would they legalize pot?

While Lloyd Atkins praises Justin Trudeau for his willingness to change the laws pertaining to dope smoking, Trudeau’s willingness is understandable as he has admitted to smoking the stuff.

There is nothing to be gained by legalizing the use of marijuana.

Democracy is educated, informed people making rational decisions concerning the governing of society. Dope smoking works to hinder rather than enhance this.   


Brian Unrau