Wrong location for tourist booth

City of Vernon's visitor services plan draws opposition

I have been reading with interest, many letters about the tourism booth relocation and feel I must also speak.

Looking at the Tourism Vernon website, it states, “conveniently located” on Highway 97. That’s right, highway exposure and access, easy for all.

Why do you think all of the hotel chains and restaurants want on the main strip?

Accessibility, brand recognition and convenience. I happened to drive down the avenue that the booth is to relocate to.

I was shocked at the location. Who the heck is going to pull in there? And if they have a large rig or trailer, how can they turn around?

They’ll have to take a scenic tour over to 27th Street and head north or south and try to get back to the highway.

Moving the renowned Watson house to its current location was a major expense and it is serving its purpose well. Why change it?

And the north-end booth has great access as well. How many cities offer two tourism booths?

Not many, at least not in our area. We are lucky to have two of them, both being very identifiable and at convenient locations.

How insane to even think you should reduce to one booth and move it out of eyesight.

And what to do with the renowned Watson House? Want to move it again?

Hello Vernon, goodbye tourists. Give your heads a shake.

Nancy Roman

(formerly with the Greater Vernon Tourism Association in the 1990s)