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Resident raises concerns about traffic using proposed sports complex

Though I am in favour of the sports facilty in general, I believe the college is the wrong place to have it.

Sally Girby, in her letter to the editor, had a great idea at the race track. It seems no one has addressed the issue of traffic. Hospital Hill is already at capacity, especially in the summer with boats and motorhomes.

It can be a nightmare trying to make even a right-hand turn on to the highway.

Though it would be great to host events such as the seniors games, all of those participants and families have to get in their cars and drive north for meals and accommodations.

Near Wesbild Centre is right in the midst of all of these amenities.

While on the topic of the highway, please folks, remember you’re still in town while heading south up the hill.

There’s no need to go 60 kilometres per hour, let alone 90.

And the flashing lights at the top? School kids have to cross there so keep your eyes open.

Lori Wallinder