Year-round giving

Foster parents make a difference for children throughout the North Okanagan

This season of giving is a wonderful time to acknowledge foster families, and the care they give to children and youth throughout the year.

Foster families open their homes and their hearts to children in need of a safe place to live for a few days or a few months.

On any given day, more than 200 children in the Vernon area need the love and skills of these substitute families.

Foster families understand how to meet the diverse needs of children.

They maintain a stable, structured and positive home environment. Foster parents train regularly to improve their skills and they support children’s needs to maintain family and cultural connections.

They provide the guidance, patience and compassion to comfort bruised hearts.

Foster families are willing to meet the challenges of helping children through difficult times, because they believe they can make a difference. What a gift this is.

The Okanagan Foster Parents Association thanks foster families for all they do to improve the lives of children and youth in our community. Thank you for giving every day of the year.

Noelle Typusiak, co-ordinator

North Okanagan Foster Parents Association