Yes to amalgamation

Letter writer supports bringing all Greater Vernon jurisdictions together

Regarding the amalgamation of local communities, I agree with Brandon Lee’s letter in The Morning Star entitled, “Put it to a vote.”

I also agree with Ed Proteau, a Coldstream resident, who believes amalgamation would cut cost of operations, eliminate duplication and improve efficiency.

We spent many years living and working, raising our family in the City of Vernon, after which we retired, with 32 years of residency in the BX area.

We love it here. If we amalgamate, our taxes will go up. There are no city services that we require. The roads, water and all services are adequate and well maintained.

So why am I for amalgamation?

For more than 45 years, I have been listening, reading and watching the controversy between our three main governing bodies: Vernon, Coldstream and the regional district.

Each of them trying to protect their own turf, while expanding their mini-empires to the detriment of the taxpayers.

I believe this has cost taxpayers dearly. Endless meetings held, solving very little all at the taxpayers’ expense.

With amalgamation, a ward system could be set up with representatives from all areas according to population numbers.

Some of the questions on mind are: Why did the City of Vernon close the Okanagan Landing volunteer fire service?

Where will Okanagan College expand in the future if a sports complex is built next to it?

What will taxes look like for our children and grandchildren if we continue this inefficiency and are over-governed?

In a world where people and communities are coming together, why is this community  choosing to stay apart?


Michael deTourdonnet