Yes to prison

Taxes and more taxes.

Where are we to get those needed dollars to repair our swimming pool, to keep the arena operating and the many other needed infrastructure repairs — sewer plant, water purification, and much more.

Apparently just the arena alone will need to be replaced within 10 years.

Where do we expect to find the dollars to pay for these expensive but necessary facilities – taxpayers of course with a little from increased user fees. Taxes will increase dramatically unless we have the jail and its reported $1.1 million annual grant, an amount that is far greater than what is currently derived from existing residential properties here in Lumby.

The no side constantly raises fears that the jail will be unsightly, will use excessive lights, will lower property values and that our children will be unsafe.

Had they kept open minds during the March 23 meeting, they would have heard of the most favourable experiences of other communities housing similar jails. Furthermore, the jail will feature neither spotlights nor barbed wire, instead using unseen infrared lights, which should most certainly appease the naysayers.

The structure will be the most attractive building in Lumby. Say yes when you vote April 30. It is Lumby’s last chance to progress without drastic tax increases.

Ev Milne