Your vote counts

Resident urges others to take part in the federal election campaign

Picking up on Kristin Froneman’s column about the importance of voting, this is a true story about what happened when I failed to vote.

I belong to a professional organization and there was a recent election for president. One of the two candidates was a very controversial person who would have taken the organization in a very different direction.

In the past, I have always voted even though retired, as is my right.

I  chose not to vote and the candidate mentioned won by one vote.

Thankfully there was a second voting round and the controversial candidate was soundly defeated when those who had been apathetic were mobilized to vote.

In our current federal election, all three non-governing parties have said they will change our voting system to a more representative one such as proportional representation. It is a much fairer way of voting and where your vote truly does count.

Canada is in a minority of countries that still continue with the less fair system of first past the post (simple majority). So please vote in our upcoming federal election. You still matter.

David M. Kennedy