Shylo Orchard left

Shylo Orchard left

BMXers Grand in Chilliwack

Nearly 30 Vernon BMX Club riders descended on Chilliwack for Grand Nationals.

Nearly 30 Vernon BMX Club riders descended on Chilliwack last weekend to compete in one of the biggest events on the race season – Grand Nationals.

The Vernon club performed well in a field of  550 riders, with Shanda Hill claiming third in the women’s pro division. Her consistent results throughout the race schedule earned her the aggregate Top Female Pro Canadian title.

Similarly, Shylo Orchard won not only the women’s 36-40 Cruiser class, she captured the age-group national crown.

The only other first-place finishes on the day came from Jakob Plank (8 Intermediate), Riley Clark (13 Intermediate) and Jake Spence (14 Novice).

Dean Botterill struck silver in the 46-50 men’s cruiser, Chris Spence ranked sixth in the men’s 41-45 Cruiser, and in the 60+ division, James Bridge pocketed bronze.

Brittany Luchene placed sixth in the 13 Girls class, Zach Milne took seventh in a very large 7 Intermediate group, and Cole Danby was sixth in 8 Intermediate.

Jakob Fargrie and Cam Jones both made the main event in the 14 Intermediate, placing second and seventh respectively. Racing in one of the largest groups of the day, Nathan Martin earned seventh in the 15 Expert bracket.