Calling for court refs

Vernon basketball in need of officials to spread out workload.

Run up and down the court, make a few calls and earn some extra cash while getting a good workout.

It’s all part of being a referee in Vernon basketball circles. New officials are needed in a hurry, says local officials allocator Jim Inglis.

“With the number of teams and schools holding tournaments, basketball is at a crisis point with supplying officials and if we somehow manage to get through this season we will be in worse shape next year unless we attract some new and younger people,” said Inglis, a former Fulton Maroons’ coach.

Inglis, who referees some high school games says the association is top heavy in older officials and younger refs are being sought.

“It takes two to three seasons to get officials up to speed so that they can begin to officiate at top-level junior and senior games. This means we are at the cross roads of not being able to fulfill all requests for officials that schools have.”

Inglis said veteran refs did nearly 100 games each last season and have indicated that they will be cutting back since the volume is taking a real physical toll on them.

“Some weeks, officials were doing as many as 14 games, with four and five a day on weekends. This volume of games has a real effect on the quality our people are able to maintain across long back-to-back days.”

Referee education sessions will run four straight Tuesday nights (7:00) starting Nov. 6 at Fulton. Call Inglis at 545-3629.