Freestylers stomp Timber

The Silver Star Freestyle Ski Club stomped the Timber Tour #1 last weekend at Apex Mountain in Penticton.

  • Jan. 30, 2015 12:00 p.m.

The Silver Star Freestyle Ski Club stomped the Timber Tour #1 last weekend at Apex Mountain in Penticton.

Silver Star was represented by 32 athletes ranging in age from 7-17 who spun, carved and flipped through slopestyle, big air and moguls disciplines and owned the podium.

Liam Person struck gold in the Under 8 Male Super Youth category slopestyle and a silver in moguls while teammate Alex Wagnier grabbed the gold in moguls.

U10’s Alex Sewell snagged silver in moguls and bronze in slopestyle, while Kyle Bush bagged a silver in slopestyle and two fourth-places in big air and moguls.

In the U12 category, Jaxon Peters had a solid performance with two silver podiums for slopestyle and big air with Mitchell Bradbury taking the bronze in slopestyle. Evan Bush and Mason Land finished fifth and sixth respectively in slopestyle and Jarvis Jurome had a seventh in Moguls.

In U13, Josh Ryan brought home a silver in slopestyle to add to his fifth-place mogul finish.

In the female group, 10-year-old Michaela Dew was 10th in moguls and 12th in slopestyle.

In the Timber Tour category, coming on strong for the girls was Elena Gaskell who flipped for gold in both big air and slopestyle and a silver in moguls in the F14 group. Jamieson Mason-Gordon secured silver in F18 slopestyle.

In the F16s, Courtenay MacDonald was fourth in slopestyle, fifth in big air and seventh in moguls while Jamie Rykuiter was fifth in moguls. Teammate Connie Henderson made an awesome debut in the F16 category with a sixth in big air,  ninth in slopestyle and 10th in moguls.

Moving up to Timber tour this year, Matthew Gardiner had a stellar M14 performance grabbing the bronze in big air, fifth in slopestyle and eighth in moguls.

Caden Danbrook placed fifth in moguls and seventh in slopestyle, Jaiden Mason-Gordon took seventh in big air and Liam Bush fought back from injury for a ninth in moguls.

With stiff competition in the M16 division, Declan Stevenson placed fourth in big air and sixth in slopestyle with Stirling Peters doing the reverse taking fourth in slopestyle and sixth in big air.

Max Fenn took fifth in big air, Hayden Broderick was seventh in slopestyle and ninth in big air and Landon Gordon finished 10th in both slopestyle and big air. Rookie Nicholas Suchy was 12th in moguls.

For the M18s, Zachary Fenn brought home bronze in slopestyle, edging out teammate Patrick Marsh, who registered fourth in both slopestyle and big air.