Heidts super in Spring 10K

A Vernon couple ran off with gold medals at the Interior Running Association’s 10K Spring Run Off in Kamloops.

Morning Star Staff

A Vernon couple ran off with gold medals at the Interior Running Association’s 10K Spring Run Off in Kamloops.

Aaron Heidt won the event, finishing the course in 33 minutes and 46 seconds, also good for first in his 35-39 age group.

Lisa Heidt was 29th overall, the third woman across the finish line and first in her F35-39 age group in a time of 42:05.

A number of North Okanagan runners took part in the field of nearly 200, with two Vernon men winning their respective age groups.

Steve Briggeman was first in M55-59, 23rd overall, in 40:47, and Ken Riegel was first in M65-69, 81st overall, in 50:45.

Other local results:

Sergi Vinyeta, Enderby, 31st overall, eighth in M20-29, 42:15; Trevor Kronbauer, Armstrong, 33rd, third in M40-44, 42:30; John Wilson, Vernon, 36th, fifth in M40-44, 42:51; Seija Deleenheer, Vernon, 46th, second in F35-39, 44:34; Gerry Naito, Vernon, 48th, fifth in M55-59, 45:09; Dean Fadden, Vernon, 50th, sixth in M45-49, 45:29; John Arih, Coldstream, 52nd, seventh in M45-49, 45:52;

Mike McGrath, Vernon, 56th, sixth in M55-59, 46:35; Shanda Hill, Vernon, 60th, third in F30-34, 47:02; Stephen Joyce, Coldstream, 65th, sixth in M50-54, 48:10; Dan Kunzelman, Coldstream, 71st, seventh in M50-54, 48:50; Stuart Lambert, Armstrong, 75th, eighth in M50-54, 49:39; Lauren Olsen, Vernon, 82nd, ninth in F20-29, 50:46;

Rhian Harrison, Vernon, 83rd, second in F45-49, 50:54; Shaun Heggenstaller, Vernon, 90th, eighth in M45-49, 52:00; Kristen Read, Vernon, 99th, sixth in F30-34, 54:26; Timaree Wallace, Vernon, 101st, seventh in F30-34, 54:36; Karina Gould, Coldstream, 105th, 12th in 55:03; Jill Acton, Vernon, 110th, fifth in F55-59, 55:52; Wendy Krasuin, Armstrong, 114th, second in F50-54, 56:15; Kim Young, Coldstream, 115th, 10th in M55-59, 56:17; John Chisholm, Vernon, 116th, 11th in M55-59, 56:20;

Laura Heggenstaller, Vernon, 129th, fifth in F45-49, 58:54; Claire Parker, Vernon, 130th, sixth in F55-59, 59:36; Pamela Brockholm, Vernon, 132nd, sixth in F45-49, 59:38; Ralph Berdan, Vernon, 140th, fourth in M65-69, 1:00:38; Cassandra Blackwell, Coldstream, 149th, 12th in F30-34, 1:01:07; Sian Gorman, Vernon, 161st, eighth in F45-49, 1:05:58; Carol Chisholm, Vernon, 167th, sixth in F60-64, 1:06:39; Nancy Foster, Enderby, 186th, ninth in F60-64, 1:23:51; Brigitte Bruneau, Vernon, 188th, 10th in F55-59, 1:31:52.