Jiu-jitsu athletes grapple medals

Vernon martial artists collect medals at a North American Grappling Association's Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament in Portland.

A handful of Vernon martial artists collected medals at a North American Grappling Association  (NAGA) Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament last weekend in Portland.

Members of the Vernon/Salmon Arm Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club reaching the podium in Oregon include: Liam Moss, 14, won gold in the gi and no-gi, Elan Breget, nine, won gold in no-gi and silver in gi, Winter Breget, eight, won gold in gi-and no-gi, Fenton Eustache, eight, won bronze in no-gi, Hunter Eustache, eight, won silver in no-gi and Lillian Marchand, seven, won gold in gi.

“They did awesome,” said head instructor Mario Deveault. “I’m super proud of the parents and kids driving 10 hours so they could compete.”