Logging your miles on paper

Editor’s Note: This is the 10th in a series of training tips leading up the Mr. T’s Kids of Steel & Spring Triathlon, Sunday, June 19. Proceeds go to the NOFYSS Mara House project.


For The Morning Star

Your journey…

I started journaling back in 1977. What started as recording details about my family and our activities, soon moved into keeping track of my athletic training and events.

The changes that I was going through – what helped me through them – what were the end results. There were long runs that went well and short bikes that should have never started.

This was a tool I could refer to when looking for support to see if I had done enough or needed to do more. The journal became my friend and my worst enemy. It always told the truth and rarely misled me.

My faithful friend was always ready to listen but never spoke back to me. There are days that I missed but yet I always seemed to catch up. It kept track of records for hottest days and deepest snowfalls.

YOUR journal can serve many purposes. It is a personal journey.

Week 10:

16yrs – Adult:

Swim – 2x week with wetsuit, try one open water swim max 15 min; if you don’t have a wetsuit, pool swim warm up with 4×25 then swim 500m non-stop.

Bike – 2x week ride the race course run 5 min after each ride.

Run – 2x week run 3x 9 min, run 1 min, walk (or run continuous 30 min).


Swim – 2x week warm up 4x25m: 1x400m non stop cool down 2x 25m.

Bike – 2x week #1- warm up 10 min: 3x ride up hill (Cunliffe to Coldstream Creek): ride 10 min cool down: #2 ride steady 30 min.

Run – 2x week warm up 10 min easy walk or run: 10 min race pace: 10 min cool down


Swim – 2x week warm up 4x25m: ladder-25-50-75-100-75-50-25: rest 15sec/ea step.

Bike – 2x week #1 ride warm up 10 min: race pace 10 min: cool down 10 min, run 5 min directly after bike ride. #2 warm up 10 min: 5×1 min hard 1 min easy: 10 min cool down run 5 min directly after bike ride

Run – 1x week warm up 5 min: run 5×30 sec hard 1 min easy: 10 min easy run cool down


Swim – 2x week warm up in current pool (walk against current, let your arms help you) do this 5x: big pool 2x25m kick with kick board: now the big swim 1x50m: if you made it, well done. If not, don’t be discouraged. Just try your best.

Bike – 2x week #1 ride 15 min on trails (2 min run directly after the bike): #2 ride 15 min steady (2 min run directly after the bike)

Run – 1x week 10 min run in the park.