NET opens Super League with win

NET grounds Darren Heath's foursome 4-3 to open the Baron Insurance Super League season.

Defending champions North Enderby Timber carried on from where they left off in Baron Insurance Super League play Wednesday night at the Vernon Curling Club.

Skip Robbie Kuhn executed a perfect double takeout and roll to force skip Darren Heath to draw to the four-foot, and ended up stealing a deuce in the eighth end to complete a 4-3 comeback win.

Trailing 3-0 after five, the timber crew rattled off single steals in six and seven to get back in the game.

Brad Wood’s Nufloors and Jim Cotter’s Woodland Equipment traded big ends in their Wednesday tilt, with Wood securing an 11-9 victory.

After the two rinks traded triples in one and two, Cotter took four in three, only to watch Wood reply with a triple in four. A four-ender in six broke the game open for Nufloors.

Jenn Gerow celebrated the new super league season with a 7-1 win over TJ Perepolkin.

After racking up four points over the first three ends, Gerow cracked three points in the fifth to put an early end to Perepolkin’s night.

Down a point early, Mark Longworth needed a deuce in three and triple in five to earn a 5-2 win over Alyssa Kyllo.