Football fan Lisa Starke is stoked about Super Bowl XLVI between the New England Patriots and New York Giants

Football fan Lisa Starke is stoked about Super Bowl XLVI between the New England Patriots and New York Giants

Super Bowl predictions…

Vernon football fans weigh in with thoughts on today's Super Bowl XLVI between the New England Patriots and New York Giants.

Will Kelly Clarkson forget or omit at least one word of the U.S. national anthem?

What colour of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?

What colour will Madonna’s hair be when the halftime show begins?

Most likely Madonna half-time move will be: Tebowing 5/1…Vogueing 1/3…Crotch grab 1/5…Humps stage 1/4…Grinds with dancer 1/3…Kisses Kelly Clarkson 20/1.

Yes, football fans, the above happenings can be wagered on the ever-growing sportsbook on the web:

In case you’ve been off the planet for a day or so, the Giants and Patriots are in today’s XLVI Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Should be quite the air show.

I’m taking the Giants by four. I like QB Eli Manning, who has a non-athletic body much like a few grocery clerks at Askew’s in Armstrong.

I also like the story of undrafted Giants’ linebacker Alex Herzlich, who missed a season at Boston College with bone cancer in his left leg. Doctors told him he’d never play football again.

As for Tom Brady, he wakes up each morning to the smile of Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen, a super model. Except, of course when she’s away doing Victoria’s Secret photo shoots.

Famed writer Rick Reilly talked this week about how he wanted to be like Brady:

n “Let me have a $20 million, 22,000-square-foot, eight-bedroom hillside palace in L.A. with a swimming pool so big it looks like a lagoon. I’d practice sailing in it.”

n “Tom Brady could go around wearing a Hefty bag and make the cover of GQ, which he’s done four times.”

n “Nobody but Tom Brady could turn a 5-9 shrimp like Wes Welker into the leading wide receiver in the league.”

And yet, Reilly noted that New York Jets’ coach Rex Ryan once wrote that “every American male hates Tom Brady.”

Anyways, check out our hilarious Super Bowl spoof video at before reading predictions from pundits all over town:

Sean Smith: “Patriots 30, Giants 20. Billicheat got the Pats D ready for playoff football just in time and will win his first legitimate Super Bowl without the assistance of video-taped signals.”

Mike Scheller: “Patriots (unfortunately) win 31-24. Brady and Belichick (despite his cursing the Cleveland Browns forever…never cut Bernie Kosar!) get it done on the final drive of the game in a very close Super Bowl that starts slow, but gets better.”

Neal (Fuji) Koide: “Pats 38-29 because their clam chowder is better.”

Roger Knox: “NY Giants…They remind me of the Green Bay Packers of last year.. They’re on a seemingly unstoppable roll at the right time of year.. G-Men, 34-24.”

Chris Bader: “35-28 Giants. I love a passing game – Eli’s averaging 41 passes/per game. He’ll strike early and quick!”

Devin (Big Country) Rodger: “New England 31-17. Tom Brady and crew will be too much for Giants D to handle. Eli Manning too inconsistent this year.”

Trevor Seibel: “New England 35-32…Brady and the Patriots get redemption…

Mike Kermode: “34-31 Giants. The G-Men continue their string of upsets. Hottest team in the league prevails over the hottest QB in the league. Mr. Bundchen goes home without another ring while Eli adds some more jewelry.”

Ryan Nitchie: “Brady’s experience in the world’s biggest sports spectacle will win a close game. NE wins 34-27.”

Trevor Fitzgerald: “New England… Experience over odds. Tom Brady will come up clutch for the win…35-24.”

Grame Corbett: “Brady joins field generals Bradshaw and Montana as the only QBs to win four Super Bowl rings. Celebrates by buying designer Belichick hoodies for his linemen. Giants are rolling and Pats’ defence is suspect, but Brady carries his team to victory, 31-21.”

Jesse Crowe: “I’ll take the Pats over the Giants. Because I will never get on Pine Valley in New Jersey and I might get on Brookline. Keeping the golf theme, I’ll go 18-9.”