Superbowl pundits

Here we go folks. Steelers vs Packers. Ben Roethlisberger vs Aaron Rodgers. The Terrible Towel vs the Cheesehead. Green Bay vs Pittsburgh.

It’s an intriguing match-up for Super Bowl XLV which in case you haven’t been paying attention, kicks off today at 3:30 p.m. from wintery Dallas.

Winners pocket $83,000 apiece. Losers go home with $42 large each. They’d play for nothing of course. It’s the ring, glory and place in NFL history the players are chasing.

And just so you know, Green Bay’s original owner Curly Lambeau was given $250 by the Indian Packing Company to buy the team’s first set of jerseys.

Lambeau had attended the University of Notre Dame, and liked their colours so went with the green and yellow look.

The Packers are the second-oldest franchise, while the Steelers, formerly the Pirates, are the fifth oldest.

Green Bay, a city of just 102,000, wins 33-23. Please read on for other predictions. Oh, and for some decent comedy, check out our own Super Bowl video on

Ed Kendall: “Steelers 30 Pack 24. Pretty Boy Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL but Steelers are still the BEST team in the NFL! Watch out for Troy Polamalu cause he’s gonna be able to read Rodgers every move and ain’t Rodgers suffering from a slight concussion… GO STEELERS!”

Jared Sochan: “Defence wins championships…and it won’t be the defence you think. Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson make big plays as Packers pull it out 23-20.”

Al Paterson: “Pittsburgh by 10. Easy call. Rodgers has been so hot he’s due to fall off the horse. Steelers have the experience, they also have Big Ben and they know how to get it done. They also have the tradition of saving their best for the biggest game. So this one is a no-brainer. Final score: 27-17 Steelers.”

Trevor Seibel: “Steelers 28-24. Last possession wins.”

Graeme Corbett: “Rodgers is a more versatile quarterback and the Packers are worthy contenders, but Big Ben and most of the Steelers have already been to this dance and have the hardware to prove it. Pitt wins 33-27.”

Ryan Nitchie: “Steelers will win this one by 10 points. Experience matters in the biggest sports game in the world and the Steelers have experience in the big game. Steelers defence is slightly better than Green Bay with Harrison and Polamalu. Clay Matthews is awesome but will feel the pressure in his first Super Bowl.”

Andy Collins: “Packers 31 Steelers 21… Rodgers too good right now!”

Ed Huber: “This is a tough one. Both great teams that are very well balanced on both offesne and defense. Big Ben might not have his head in the game enough and on the other side of the ball Aaron Rodgers is like a machine. Problem is I think Pittsburgh defence still trumps the Packers offence. My heart is with the Pack but it will take Pittsburgh 24-21.”

Mike Kermode: “Unfortunately for the ladies at the after party, Big Ben Roethlisberger won’t be in a good mood after a tough loss. Green Bay wins 16-13 in a defensive snoozefest.”

Keith Carson: “Packers by 10. Rodgers is too good and with Matthews leading the D they should be able to stop the run. Packers 31-21.”

Chad Pieper: “I usually go by whose cheerleaders are better, however this is the first Super Bowl in 43 years without cheerleaders. I will have to go with the next criteria, who has the better hair? Troy Polamalu has more style and substance and wins easy over Clay Mathews and his straight locks. Steelers win 24-17.”

Roger Knox: “Green Bay 28 Pittsburgh 24. The Packers are on a roll the way New Orleans was last year. And Clay Matthews has better hair than Troy Polamalu. Not that I would know much about hair.”

Wayne Larsson: “It’s the Packers’ year, the Steelers are gonna look like the pirates for this one. Packers win big 34-10.”

Murray Caton: “I don’t know alot about football but with my oldest son Jared playing O-Line for VSS he has helped me. We pick the Steelers 36-30 because Packers have been horrible on special teams lately.”

Al Cameron: “He’s a bad dude, but he’s really, really good when it counts. Big Ben lifts the Steelers to a 26-23 win over the Pack.”