Tri success starts with a plan

Editor’s Note: This is the ninth in a series of training tips leading up to the Mr. T’s Kids of Steel & Sprint Triathlon, Sunday, June 19. Proceeds go to the NOFYSS Mara House project.


For The Morning Star

Do you have a race plan? Do you stick to it?

In racing, there is what you want to happen, and what actually happens. There are things that you can control and things you have no control over.

Start your strategy with the weather – hot, cold, dry or wet – and decide what you will wear. Look at your training and ask yourself: “How is my swimming and where should I start the race? Left side? Middle? Back?”

One of the biggest tips I give my athletes is don’t overdo the first three to five minutes of each leg. In other words, don’t go out too hard to start!

Having confidence in your equipment plays a huge role in race strategy. Do your goggles fit properly? Are your bike tires in good shape? Are your running shoes comfortable?

These are all part of race planning to make it go the way you want it to. Among the characteristics it takes to adhere to your race strategy are discipline, courage, and a firm belief in yourself. Maintaining a positive mental outlook during the race, and knowing that you have trained well for the event, will help you find success.

A great race strategy has you reaching the finish line exhausted, but exhilarated.

This week, you will see an increase in all activities. You may have to double up on workouts in order to get them all in. Eat right and sleep well.


Swim – 2x/week 4x50m warm up swim kick 50m ea – 500m non stop – 6x50m rest 15sec/ea.

Bike – 3x/week 1- 30 min steady 2-45 min (warm up 10min race tempo 20min cool down 15 min) 3- 60 min steady ride

Run – 3x/week 1-25 min Ez 2-15min brick after #2 bike ride 3-45min run and walk continuous.


Swim – 2x/week 4x50m warm up swim and kick 50m ea – 400m nonstop – 4x50m @ 75% effort rest 15 sec/ea.

Bike – 3x/week 1-30min steady 2-30min (warm up 10 min – race tempo 10 min – cool down 10 min) 3- 40 min steady.

Run – 3x/week 1- 20min Ez 2-15 min brick after bike ride #2 3-30min steady walk run.


Swim – 4x25m warm up swim 25m kick 25m rest 15sec/ea – 3x100m rest 15 sec/ea 4x25m rest 20 sec/ea.

Bike – 2x week 1-30min steady 2- 40 min (10min warm up – 15 min race pace – 15 min steady ride).

Run – 2x week 1- 20 min steady 2- 15min brick after bike ride #2.


Swim – 2x/week warm up kick 2x25m rest 30 sec/ea – swim 2x25m rest 30sec/ea- 1x50m think positively you can do it. Now go and play on the climbing wall.

Bike – 2x/week 1-15min steady 2-15 min steady

Run – 2x/week 1- run walk in the sand 10 min 2- 5min run after bike ride#2.