Unity crew shines at Tigerbalms

Unity Martial Arts captured 21 medals at the Tigerbalm International Tournament last weekend at the Capilano University Sportsplex in North Vancouver.

The team took home 11 gold, seven silver and three bronze.

“This is for sure our best tournament to date and all of our athletes showed great spirit and skill,” said Raja Lee, head instructor at Unity.

“Our team was very solid this year and other then a few injuries we were able to obtain our goals last weekend and show again that our little dojo is tough.”

Mia Robinson, six, earned bronze in sparring, and Kobe Marchand, six, struck silver in sparring. Clark Lejume, seven, pocketed gold in san shou and bronze in sparring.

Taylor Robinson, nine, collected gold in youth MMA (mixed martial arts), grappling and pankration.

Rylie Marchand, nine, recorded silver in san shou and bronze in pankration.

Ross Lejume, 11, claimed gold in san shou and silver in pankration, Trevor Feeney, 14, took gold in pankration, and Zach Anderson, 16, earned gold in grappling and silver in both san shou and pankration.

Broden Romanavitch, 16, was golden in both grappling and pankration, Eric Sundquist, 21, collected gold in san shou, Cara Funke, 22, struck gold in pankration and silver in San Shou, and Corey Killborn, 24, earned silver in amateur MMA.