The Vernon Vortex Speed Skating Club will use a $5,000 donation for travel costs this season. (File Photo)

The Vernon Vortex Speed Skating Club will use a $5,000 donation for travel costs this season. (File Photo)

Vernon Vortex skaters pocket $5,000

Speed skating prize through Canadian sponsor

The Vernon Vortex is $5,000 richer after sharing in a Podium Tracker prize through Speed Skating Canada’s major sponsor, Intact Insurance.

A total of seven Canadian speed skating clubs split the total prize amount of $40,000 donated by Intact Insurance. For every individual medal won by a Canadian speed skater at World Cups and World Championships, Intact Insurance donated $1,000 to the Podium Tracker program.

“When we applied, we indicated the funds, if we won, would be used to pay some of our ice costs and coaching expenses,” said Vernon club director Karen Benn. “As you know, ice rental costs take up most of our budget for an organization like ours, so hopefully these funds will allow us to put more money towards purchasing new equipment.

“Our skaters travelled much of Canada last year, from north to Ft. St. John and as far east as Quebec City. As our coaches are volunteers, they shoulder much of the costs incurred on these trips. These funds will help reduce some of those expenses.”

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The 2017-2018 season marked the eighth year of this program, which has to date donated a total of $370,000 to speed skating clubs across Canada.

The other winning clubs were Mirabel/St-Jérôme, Que., Niagara Speed Skating Club (St. Catharines, Ont.), Regina Speed Skating Club, River Heights Speed Skating Club (Winnipeg) $5,000, Vancouver Velocity Speed Skating Club and the F-18 La Baie Speed Skating Club (Saguenay, Que.)

A total of 66 clubs submitted their applications for the $5,000 grants as well as the $10,000 grand prize. Distribution of the six $5,000 grants was done by random draw, and the $10,000 grand prize went to the fast-growing Speed Skating Club of Mirabel and St-Jérôme.

“We look forward to seeing the positive impact these grants have on the winning clubs as they have had for dozens of clubs across Canada over the past eight years,” said Robin Monniere, vice-president of marketing at Intact Insurance.

Speed Skating Canada Speed Skating Canada (SSC) is the governing body for long track and short track speed skating in Canada. Founded in 1887, SSC is comprised of 13 provincial and territorial associations.

Speed Skating Canada is committed to challenge and inspire Canada to thrive through the power of speed skating. SSC recognizes and values its outstanding volunteers who give freely of their time and expertise.

It also celebrates the 63 Olympic medals won by Canadian athletes since 1932, as well as the coaches, officials and other dedicated individuals who helped them on their journey.


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