BC Election 2017

ELECTION 2017: Oil pipeline politics

Former NDP leader Adrian Dix’s opposition to the project was a turning point in the 2013 election

BC ELECTION 2017: The BC Libertarian candidate responds

What would you do to immediately improve the situation of affordable housing in our region?

  • May 3, 2017

U.S. lumber retaliation ‘irresponsible,’ NDP leader John Horgan says

Christy Clark threatens carbon levy on U.S. thermal coal exports

Advanced polling underway Wednesday to Saturday

More than 230,000 British Columbians have already voted

BC ELECTION 2017: BC Green candidate responds

What would you do to immediately improve the situation of affordable housing in our region?

  • May 3, 2017

ELECTION 2017: Who wants to raise your taxes?

Parties make pledges on carbon tax, personal income tax and more.

Christy Clark vows heavy levy on U.S., Alberta, Saskatchewan coal

$70 carbon levy would make thermal coal exports non-viable

ELECTION 2017: Trash talk doesn’t help lumber trade

Christy Clark, John Horgan trade nonsense allegations on softwood battle

ELECTION 2017: Medical premiums and promises

MSP is not only a tax, it’s a payroll tax for nearly half of those subject to it

Advance voting starts Saturday

There will be six days of advance voting prior to B.C.’s general election day on May 9

Advance voting opens in the Shuswap

Some voting places open this weekend in Salmon Arm, Armstrong, Scotch Creek and Vernon

BC ELECTION 2017: BC Green candidate responds

Question: What plans do you have to improve the economy while protecting the environment?

  • Apr 27, 2017

ELECTION 2017: Parties try to get a grip on B.C.’s overdose deaths

The Greens pledge big funding, B.C. NDP wants a new ministry and B.C. Liberals commit to more beds

B.C. leaders square off in TV debate

Christy Clark, John Horgan and Andrew Weaver battle it out ahead of May 9 election

ELECTION 2017: Parties debate child care

B.C. NDP and Green Party look to subsidize daycare costs while the B.C. Liberals aim to add spaces

Candidates’ debate hits hot-button issues

Questions ranged from how candidates would support small business to health-care facilities.

BC Election 2017: Meet the Liberal candidate for the Shuswap

Greg Kyllo - BC Liberal Party I’ve been asked why I have…

  • Apr 21, 2017

BC Election 2017: Meet the NDP candidate for the Shuswap

Sylvia Lindgren - BC NDP party I am a wife and mother…

  • Apr 21, 2017

ELECTION 2017: What’s up with BC Hydro rates?

B.C. party leaders are making conflicting promises on utility rates

NDP vows big spending, balanced budget

Horgan would begin raising carbon tax sooner