Vernon mayor ready for recovery, cautious of second COVID-19 wave

Letter to B.C. government outlines city’s activities and eagerness to return to normal


COVID-19: nine-year-old boy pens letter to editor

Incident leaves young reader with COVID-19 questions

  • May 2, 2020


LETTER: Coronavirus gives look into anti-vaccinated world

To the editor: Surely, the coronavirus is opening people’s eyes to the…

  • Mar 20, 2020


LETTER: Prime minister shouldn’t be protecting protesters

To the editor: I know this letter is going to upset some…

  • Mar 18, 2020

LETTER: Fast-pace high-tech lifestyles, busy working moms not ideal for child rearing

A Vernon Morning Star reader is left asking ‘what about the children?’

  • Mar 13, 2020

LETTER: City of Vernon needs more transparency around recreation services

To the editor: City of Vernon director of recreation services Doug Ross…

  • Mar 13, 2020

LETTER: Bring a rake to Kin Beach

Goose poo an embarrassment to Vernon

  • Mar 11, 2020

LETTER: Alberta premier’s ‘war room’ against green initiatives impacts country’s foreign investment

To the editor: Teck Resources CEO just pulled the plug on its…

  • Mar 11, 2020

LETTER: Prime minister offers only empty promises

To the editor: Trudeau promised the moon and Canada is paying the…

  • Mar 11, 2020

LETTER: the marijuana delusion

To the editor: As the legalization of marijuana gains momentum, scientific journals…

  • Mar 11, 2020

International Women’s Day more than celebrating accomplishments

Vernon CFUW secretary offers tips to improve women’s rights in the workplace and at home

LETTER: Tolerance is a must in society

To the editor, As a society we are rightly taught to value…

  • Mar 6, 2020

LETTER: Kin Beach needs a cleanup

To the editor: Vernon city council, dream a little. Where do you…

  • Mar 6, 2020

Dryer ditched near Kal Lake Park in Vernon

To the editor: I live three houses from the parking lot at…

  • Mar 6, 2020

LETTER: First pool prices rise, then what…

To the editor: So the City of Vernon is again crying (about)…

  • Mar 4, 2020

LETTER: Who’s deciding what happens to the land?

To the editor: It seems the problem on northern reserves is deciding…

  • Mar 4, 2020

LETTER: Can’t trust Liberals on ICBC

To the editor: The B.C. Liberals can’t be trusted on ICBC. They…

  • Mar 4, 2020

LETTER: columnist offers thanks to kind words from reader

To the editor: Thanks so very much to Catherine Waddell for describing…

LETTER: Misconceptions around pipeline blockades

To the editor: There are some misperceptions concerning the Indigenous blockades of…

  • Feb 27, 2020

LETTER: Gun ownership doesn’t lead to dictators

To the editor: Re: the letter from West Kelowna, about gun ownership.…

  • Feb 27, 2020