Morning Start: Your cell phone is filled with bacteria

Your morning start for Thursday, February 10th

Happy Thursday!

Fun fact: The average mobile phone, on average, has 18 times more bacteria on it than the flush handle on the toilet in the men’s washroom.

Gross but true! While it’s more likely not harmful, there is a chance if you let it get really bad, that you could get some sort of sickness. Sanitize your phone!

On this day

In 2004, rapper Kanye West releases his album ‘The College Dropout’.

In 2014, Canadian Charles Hamlin wins his third career Olympic medal in speed skating in the 1500m race (Sochi).

In 2019, an illegal gold-mine in north-eastern Liberia collaspes and traps 40 people underground.

National Holidays

According to National Today, today is National Umbrella Day and National Cream Cheese Brownie Day.

Weather forecast from Environment Canada

In Kelowna


In Penticton


In Revelstoke


In Salmon Arm

Salmon Arm

In Vernon


In case you missed it

Kelowna is the third fastest growing city in Canada. Learn more here.

A missing Salmon Arm man has been arrested in Ontario. Learn more here.

Vernon’s new child care facilities are on the way. Learn more here.


In Olympic Village at the Beijing 2022 Winter Games going on right now, there is a red structure that the athletes are encouraged to sign. Canadian freestyle skier and part time graffiti artist Edouard Therriault made his mark on it.

@teamcanada We love to see some creativity at the #Olympics! #TeamCanada freestyle skier left his mark in #Beijing2022 ♬ City Lights-JP – Gulf Stream

Celebrity birthdays

If your birthday is today, you celebrate a birthday with actress Emma Roberts (31), actress Chloe Grace Moretz (25), actress Elizabeth Banks (48), actress Laura Dern (55), actor Robert Wagner (92), and director Vince Gilligan (55).

Have a great day everyone!


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