Chrissie Chapman

Chrissie Chapman

Author brings message to Vernon

Chrissie Chapman will speak about Burundi at Vernon Christian Fellowship Thursday at 7 p.m.

An author is spreading the message that there is light even when conditions are dark in Africa.

Chrissie Chapman, who wrote The Night the Angels Came: Miracles of Protection and Provision in Burundi, will speak at Vernon Christian Fellowship Thursday at 7 p.m.

“We want to create awareness about what’s going on in Burundi,” said Mary Anne Bale, a Vernon resident who is friends with Chapman.

“She’s a great speaker.”

Originally from Britain, Chapman has worked in the African nation of Burundi for 25 years.

Extreme poverty, disease and civil unrest have created significant challenges for Chapman who runs  Children Rescued in Burundi.

She remains passionate about her work despite the hardships.

“Leaving the country was never an option for me,” Chapman writes in her book.

“God has given me responsibility for the lives of so many young people and employees and I am not going to abandon them. In any event, where would we all go?”

Chapman’s experiences are similar to those of Bale’s, who along with husband Ray, has spent 15 years caring for orphans in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bale encourages local residents to meet Chapman as she believes her message is as relevant in Canada as it is in Africa.

“She’s not bringing the horror of what happens there. She speaks about her experiences and she brings hope,” said Bale.

“Whether you are talking about Burundi or here, we’re talking about faithfulness and hope.”

For more information about Children Raised In Burundi, go to