Coach offers up weight loss tips for 2015

The new year has become synonymous with lofty weight loss goals and die-hard commitments to working out

The new year has become synonymous with lofty weight loss goals, die-hard commitments to working out every day and unrealistic promises to never eat chocolate again.

It’s safe to say that Jan. 1 has become the starting line for major changes for many.

“Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to set aggressive and unrealistic expectations, trying to conquer too much, too soon,” said Kim Lavender, also known as Coach Lav, the national director of team training for GoodLife Fitness.

Coach Lav provides her top tips to not only help you get started the right way, but also to help you stay motivated from start to finish in 2015.

Getting started:

Set realistic goals. As Coach Lav explains, “It’s essential to honour where you’re at and begin intelligently and to choose appropriate activities that are safe and effective for your fitness level.” One mistake she often sees people make is going from no exercise at all to intense high-volume fitness. “This can lead to pain, disappointment and sometimes injury,” she says.

Connect with a coach. Another effective approach to help you get started is finding a coach or trainer to support your planning and progress. The guidance of a fitness professional can ensure that you start your personal fitness in the right way and build a proper foundation. It can also help to hold you accountable to your goals and aspirations for the New Year and beyond.

Eat right. Don’t forget that making healthy eating choices is imperative to support your fitness routine. Coach Lav reminds us, “You cannot out-exercise your bad diet. Food is fuel and is an extremely important part of the fitness equation.” She suggests easy changes, such as drinking plenty of water and eating fresh foods.

Book an appointment with yourself. One of the most important things you can do is book an appointment with yourself. Coach Lav says, “Make your fitness a priority by booking appointments, scheduling workouts proactively and sticking with those times.” This will ensure your workouts remain a priority despite your hectic schedule.

Staying motivated:

Document your progress. After weeks or months of following your newly-established fitness routine, you may feel a decrease in motivation. “This is the time when people seem to fall off the fitness band wagon. Figuring out what might have taken you off track will instill a sense of confidence that will keep you going, helping you maintain the momentum to reach your goals,” Coach Lav explains.

Another great tool to stay on track is to keep a journal or file on your laptop or hand-held device of all of your fitness successes. Writing your progress down is a great reminder of all that you have achieved.

Celebrate successes. Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate your success and be proud of your accomplishments. Coach Lav suggests setting up a personal award best choices (ABC) system.

“Allow yourself small daily rewards to complement your positive choices,” she said. “It can be going to a movie, having a glass of wine, or investing in a new set of workout clothes. Awarding positive behaviour will encourage you to keep up the good work.”