Grade 2 Coldstream Elementary students (from left) Elizabeth Mazu

Grade 2 Coldstream Elementary students (from left) Elizabeth Mazu

Coldstream students light up Christmas

Grade 2 students seek Christmas lights on the trees in front of the school on Kalamalka Road

Coldstream Elementary is lighting up the neighbourhood for the holiday season.

Several Grade 2 students approached Coldstream council Monday to formally ask if lights could be put up on the trees in front of the school on Kalamalka Road.

“We were walking in front of the school and noticed that there were power outlets at the base of each tree on the sidewalk,” said student Gage Hannah.

“We thought it would be a great idea if we could have Christmas lights on the trees,” said Solomon Buffie. “We think Christmas lights would bring a lot of Christmas cheer to our community.”

Their request was backed up by research.

“We surveyed our class and found that 375 students think it is a good idea to have Christmas lights while seven students thought it was not a good idea,” said William Reynolds.

They even surveyed students on what colour of lights they would like to see.

“Although the students thought multi-coloured were the best choice, we understand that if the lights were white they could be left up all year and that would save money because you wouldn’t have to take them down and put them up each year,” said Elizabeth Mazu.

Coldstream council agreed to spend up to $3,000 to purchase and install LED lights on the trees.

“Obviously we are going to need some contractors to do the work. Are you guys willing to do a contract?” Coun. Gyula Kiss laughed.

One student replied: “No.”

Coun. Richard Enns opposed the decision, as he had suggested that the wording in the motion be changed.

“I think it would be appropriate if we called them festival lights,” said Enns, whose suggestion was not supported.

Coldstream has also received a request to put lights up on the clock tower next to the municipal office.