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Grade 7 students share ‘acts of caring’ with Penticton city council

Mayor Julius Bloomfield declared Feb. 12 to 18, Real Acts of Kindness week in Penticton
Students from KVR Middle School pictured with Penticton mayor and council, following the declaration of Real Acts of Caring week. (Photo- City of Penticton)

If not for a group of local Grade 7 students, the week of Feb. 12 to 18, wouldn’t have been declared Real Acts of Caring (RAC) week in Penticton.

Mayor Julius Bloomfield made the declaration Tuesday (Feb. 7), following a presentation to city council from seven KVR Middle School students.

The students took turns speaking about the importance of spreading kindness, while expecting nothing in return.

Their presentation sparked the eventual declaration, marking the fourth year in a row Penticton will recognize RAC week.

“You never know how much one small act of caring can affect someone in a positive way,” one student, Casey, said to council.

“To me, it means to be kind and to go out of my way to help someone because it makes me and the other person feel great,” Hannah added.

Their classmates, Annella, Leo, Lezandro, Charlee, and Kendra, also shared what kindness means to them.

The Grade 7 class hopes their recent efforts will inspire others across the community, including:

• Partnering with non-profit organization The Fabric Bag Solution to encourage the use of less plastic

• Making holiday cards for seniors before the new year

• Through One Sky, making Joy Boxes for community members in need during the holidays

This month, the class is hosting a kindness-themed virtual assembly for over 2,000 K-5 students in the school district.

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