Roan MacAulay

Roan MacAulay

Kal Lake stars in film

Grade 4 student Roan MacAulay directed the documentary Keep Kal Lake Blue

It’s been lights, camera, action for Kala Star Academics and Outdoor School.

Grade 4 student Roan MacAulay directed the documentary Keep Kal Lake Blue to raise awareness for the protection of Kalamalka Lake.

The video looks at prevention quagga and zebra mussels, the history of the Kalamalka Lake’s colour and steps to keep the lake free of garbage.

“The students of Kala Star have been able to culminate their year’s learning with this awesome Keep Kal Lake Blue documentary, and as a cherry-on-top they get to see our community from the sky. What a way to bring it all together for a truly memorable learning experience,” said facilitator Brad Swanson.

The students had Brynne Morrice, producer of Protect Our Fresh Water, as a mentor.

Through planning, communicating, organizing and many uphill battles, the students caught the attention of their community, says Swanson.

The students got an aerial view of Kalamalka Lake and the watershed with the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association at Vernon Flying Club.

The Kala Star students are recipients of the 2016 Youth Environmental Leaders Award.

Keep Kal Lake Blue was recently launched with a successful return of comments, views and shares, says Swanson.

“The community can support the campaign to keep Kal Lake blue by watching and sharing the video on YouTube or purchasing a $25 Keep Kal Lake Blue shirt from the Society of Protection of Kalamalka Lake, Kala Vida Surf Shop or from students selling them,” he said..

All proceeds will go to the Society for the Protection of Kalamalka Lake.

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