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Positive progress on Vernon child’s search for a kidney

Dylan Nekrash is now big enough to receive a kidney, and the planning stages has begun
Dylan Nekrash has been on dialysis nearly his whole life (Contributed).

It’s been a long year for Megan Nekrash, the mother of a young Vernon child in need of a new kidney.

Dylan, who is two and a half years old, was born with posterior urethral valves and has been on dialysis nearly his whole life.

“Being in kidney failure has led to Dylan being sick often and vomiting a lot,” Megan told The Morning Star back in 2023. “This means lots of hospital visits requiring blood work and IV fluids as his electrolytes become unbalanced.”

While the search for a new kidney has been in the works for a year, he was not big enough yet to receive one. However, in April of 2024, Megan got positive news.

“We have just been told that he is now big enough to receive a kidney transplant so the planning is beginning,” she said.

“We currently don’t have a confirmed donor, but to my knowledge, St. Paul’s Hospital does have people who have applied to be donors. I know BC Children’s has already talked with them about this plan to see if they can start fast-tracking people who have already started their work up in hopes of approving a donor soon.”

Unfortunately, Dylan has had issues with his bladder, which is forcing the Nekrash’s to move to Vancouver for the time being, where Dylan will get surgery done, in the hopes of making his body more palatable to a new kidney.

“There are a lot of discussions happening, as they don’t want to book the bladder surgery until there is a confirmed donor and transplant date booked,” Megan added. “It seems like we are getting very close to transplant.”

For more information on Dylan’s journey, visit Megan’s blog, She will be busy the next few weeks in planning for the temporary move to Vancouver.

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