Lake Country’s Baldeep Gill, 17, is in the volunteer spotlight for the work he’s doing in the community with the Lake Country Food Bank. (Photo submitted)

Lake Country’s Baldeep Gill, 17, is in the volunteer spotlight for the work he’s doing in the community with the Lake Country Food Bank. (Photo submitted)

Service to others part of Lake Country teen’s world

Baldeep Gill, 17, is learning new skills and experiences by volunteering in the community

Marie Molloy

Lake Country volunteer spotlight

Soft-spoken, compassionate and humble, Baldeep Gill is living a life that includes service to others.

Just 17 years old, he’s very much a teen exploring new experiences and opportunities, but he thinks about life from the lens of a wise, old soul.

“This is the first time I’ve done any kind of volunteer work and I’m the only member of my immediate family who does so,” said Gill. “I was volunteering about five hours a week at the Lake Country Food Bank and most of the work I did was done during the day. In the future, I may be interested in volunteer work with seniors.”

Baldeep attends George Elliot Secondary School which requires students to perform some volunteer hours related to work experience. He came to the food bank from a long line of food farmers providing food for communities.

“My parents have lived and worked in Lake Country for about four years and more than 20 years in Canada,” he said. “I was born here. Like many immigrants, our family continues to work the land and make a living as fruit farmers.”

When asked what he’s learned while volunteering at the Food Bank, Baldeep says: “I learned time management skills, adapting to different changes happening, as well as dedication. Skills I’ve learned also apply to future employment include time management, social and organizational skills, as well as COVID sanitization.”

Sometimes it’s a challenge for students to balance and manage their time between studies, home life and volunteer work.

“I’m in my senior year of high school so getting into university is super important. I had to put school first for a bit. Aside from school, I have household chores. School is my main priority. I’m interested in applying to the Business Management program at UBC.”

Gill’s best advice to young people considering volunteering?

“Get out. You know, find someplace you feel like you could contribute to in a positive way. Just see if you like it and you’re gonna gain something from it. You’ll get to know more people and help the community. At the end of the day, why not? Just jump in and try it!”

Online information about Lake Country Food Bank may be found at:

District of Lake Country Volunteering Opportunities:

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Marie Molloy is a community activist who lives in Carr’s Landing and is chairperson of the District of Lake Country Access & Age-friendly Committee

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