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Vernon Fam Day looks to enhance tourism experience

The annual event gives front-line tourism staff first-hand experiences at local tourism attractions
Vernon tourism staff was given first-hand experiences at local tourism attractions in an effort to enhance the experience for visitors this summer.

In an effort to boost the tourism experience for those visiting the Vernon area this summer, a special experience was provided to tourism staff.

The annual Familiarization (FAM) Tour Day provided front-line tourism staff top notch experiences at local tourism attractions. This was done in an effort to allow these ambassadors to convey a more personal experience to their guests. 

Participants were primarily comprised of local hotel front desk staff, and they visited six local businesses. 

“By visiting local tourism attractions and businesses, as well as experiencing Vernon as a visitor would, participating front-line workers gain invaluable insights,” said said the manager of Vernon tourism, Torrie Silverthorn. “These experiences equip them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to make informed recommendations to visiting guests.”  

The FAM Tour Day is an initiative aimed at educating front-line staff within the accommodation sector. Mayor Victor Cumming explained that it is "crucial" to invest in these initiatives, as a means of enhancing the industry. 

"Equipping them with firsthand experiences and knowledge, provides genuine connections to our city's offerings that they can authentically share with visitors."