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WATCH: Fun with outhouses in Lumby

Monashee Trail Society event attracts 10 teams, hundreds of spectators Sunday, Jan. 22

At best, the trio from the law firm Kidston/Helm/Ross equaled their, er, output from a year ago.

Dressed as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, the law firm’s Ian and Jordan presented the Queen of Hearts sitting on her, um, throne, a newby named Brittany.

They were ready for the annual Monashee Trail Society’s Outhouse Races in the Village of Lumby Sunday, Jan. 22.

The event, held under glorious sunny skies and ideal temperatures – a far cry from last year’s re-creation of a Prairie winter with sub-freezing temperatures – drew hundreds of people to the Salmon Trail’s west parking lot.

“We won our first race last year,” said Ian. Asked about the remainder of their races, he deadpanned, “We won our first race last year.”

Asked what she expected in her first time being pushed in an outhouse, Brittany replied, “I’ve been told to hold on really tight, and I expect to not die.”

Two teammates push the outhouse down the race track with the third team member seated on the throne wearing a helmet (safety first!).

In a twist of fate, the trio, billed as ‘Mad Hatters Doody (brilliant) Counsel, got paired up against another law firm – Woolley and Co.’s Outhouse Outlaws in their opening heat. The Hatters scored an impressive victory.

A total of 10 teams entered their creations, including two squads from the Lumby Fire Department and one from the Vernon North Okanagan RCMP, where one fleet-footed member managed to put an N sticker (Novice driver) on the back of one of the firefighters during the parade of entries.

The society describes the event as ‘family friendly, and it’s a fun-filled afternoon of fast-paced racing over the snow-covered tundra, using an outhouse as the racing chariot.’

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