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Revelstoke Votes: Gary Sulz re-elected as mayor

The preliminary results are in for the 2022 General Local Election

The preliminary results are in!

The 2022 Revelstoke municipal election has come to a close, and Gary Sulz has been re-elected as mayor of Revelstoke.

“I’m excited for the future,” said Sulz in reaction to the results of the election.

Of the 10 people running for one of the six councillor positions in Revelstoke, incumbent Tim Palmer was re-elected, Aaron Orlando, who was on city council from 2014 t0 2018, was elected again, and newcomers Tim Stapenhurst, Matt Cherry, Lee Devlin, and Austin Luciow join council.

“I think it’s gonna work well,” said Sulz in reaction to the list of councillors who elected. “It’s exciting times.”

Aaron Orlando went back into council with 1,397 votes. Orlando said he’s glad to be back in council after having served as a city councillor previously from 2014–2018.

“I’m excited to be back to be back, and I’m thankful for the community’s support,” said Orlando.

Orlando attributed part of his success to having a plan clearly laid out on his website. He’s ready to bring focus to some of the issues he touched on in his campaign, and hopes to help his fellow councillors with getting up-and-running on the municipal governing process.

Out of all the newcomers to council, Revelstoke’s own Lee Devlin earned the most votes.

“I was shocked by it to be honest,” said Devlin. “I’m glad the people put some faith in me.”

Devlin was sitting at the Legion, where he’s often found hosting trivia or karaoke night, waiting for the results. Although he noted that this position will be unlike anything he’s ever done before, Devlin says he’s ready for the challenge.

“Public support is always wonderful,” Devlin laughed.

Austin Luciow won his seat with 871 votes. Luciow said he’s excited about the victory.

“I’m super glad I won! I’m also glad it’s over,” said Luciow with a laugh.

The celebrations were already on at the Luciow household, but not for the election. Luciow was celebrating his kid’s birthday with some board games when contacted. He’s looking forward to enjoying the weekend, before getting to work next week.

Luciow is looking forward to jumping into action on his platform, including tackling the housing crisis, working on connecting Johnson Heights to town, and contributing to the transportation master plan.

Matt Cherry won his seat with 778 votes. Cherry said he’s happy with the result.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” said Cherry, who hadn’t heard the result before contacted by the Revelstoke Review.

While Cherry is excited to get started on his major platform items, like housing, he has his eyes set first on getting up to speed.

“First, I gotta get up to date on everything before anything else,” said Cherry.

Tim Stapenhurst has spent most of his professional career in hands-on positions, but is ready for the new challenge that his new position on City council poses. Stapenhurst was thankful for the community support he received during the election.

“I’m humbled, I’m honored, and I feel really privileged,” said Stapenhurst. “It means a lot to me to have their trust.”

According to the City of Revelstoke, 1,941 ballots were cast in this years election.

School District 19

In the Revelstoke School District 19, incumbents Sarah Zimmer and Alan Chell were re-elected, with newcomers Wendy Rota, Jodie Allen, and Sasha Walsh joining the board.

Columbia Shuswap Regional District

In the CSRD, Electoral Areas A, B and G each had one candidate nominated, so they have been elected by acclimation.

They are: Karen Cathcart - Electoral Area A (Rural Golden); David Brooks-Hill - Electoral Area B (Rural Revelstoke); and Natalya Melnychuk - Electoral Area G (Blind Bay, Sorrento, Notch Hill).


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