It’s time to hear the music, again

It’s time to hear the music, again

Hear The Music nights return to the Vernon stage after a four year delay

Jon Buller is a Juno nominee and Covenant Award winning Christian recording artist and also the founder of Hear the Music Night events.

The popular Praise and Worship concert series led by Buller is being re-launched Sept. 24, 7 p.m. at the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre. Every 3-4 months over a period of several years, the free event welcomed hundreds of people to the gathering, and it’s sure to do so again, especially since the last time it happened was four years ago.

In February of this year, Buller made a change. After 12 years as the Pastor of Worship and the Arts at Vernon Alliance Church, he felt it was time to continue his work beyond those walls. A choice like this involved some risk, to be sure, but what made it perhaps a little bit easier was that Buller was stepping into something already established and returning to a work environment he’s very familiar with.

Before VAC, Buller spent 10 years singing and playing, teaching and mentoring, and making an honest living on the road. And one activity that continued even while working as a Pastor was Hear The Music night worship concerts.

“We had so many great nights of music all over Canada and especially here in Vernon at the performing arts centre,” Buller said. “Seeing people of all faith backgrounds, and all ages and stages come together to sing and experience God is always so meaningful. And Hear the Music is not just an event with faith-based music that points to Jesus. It is also about training and developing young musicians to grow in their gifts and talents.”

Buller always welcomes young musicians from the community to share the stage for the opportunity to develop their musicianship and giftedness. He laughs when he says, “It’s also nice because it lowers the average age of the band. I’ve been doing this for awhile now.”

Opening for Buller will be the up-and-coming talented Robbie Down from Kamloops.

“Robbie spent the summer doing a great job with the music at Eagle Bay Camp,” Buller said. “He’s also written some great songs of his own so we are really excited that he’s agreed to come sing and play with us.’

Buller will be releasing a new single at the event, which is the pre-cursor to a full length recording project he has already begun working on. Plans are also underway for a special Christmas Hear The Music night, already scheduled for Dec. 17 at the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre. The events are free and an offering will be received.