Manfred’s Guitar makes its return to the Okanagan

Manfred’s Guitar makes its return to the Okanagan

The former Shaw TV program is coming to the stage, live at Vernon’s Gallery Vertigo April 1.

With his guitar caressed in the classical position, Manfred Harter has been a familiar face among the Okanagan’s musical landscape for more than three decades.

Wedding, parties, classical, jazz, Flamenco, rock, blues, he has played just about every Valley venue and in about every style.

He was also host of the popular Shaw TV program Manfred’s Guitar, which aired for seven years, and welcomed musical guests from around the Okanagan to perform.

Manfred’s Guitar is about to make its return, not on the screen, but live off the stage in Gallery Vertigo’s new location.

“The reason for this is because people are always asking about why it stopped (and) when will it start again. And now the kids that were on the show have kids that also do music,” said Harter. “As to whether this self-produced effort resonates in the right places is like anything else. You have to believe in it, make a superhuman effort, beat the drum for support, and find a few powerful sponsors that believe in you.”

Hosting and performing will be Harter, who recently returned from a second visit to India with a focus on the more philosophical-religious features of that multi-dimensional world. Last week, he sat with the Okanagan Valley Big Band for a show as their guitar player at the Vernon Jazz Club.

Also performing will be Falkland’s Adrien Lapierre, who studied contemporary music and technology at Nelson’s Selkirk College, Brian Bell’s “Coffee House Cash,” and Vernon’s own Lowell Friesen and April Sheehan.

“Small honorariums and small expense budgeting will help to add a few more dollars to the revival of this alternate-style gallery to showcase humble efforts and accomplished works for viewing and selling from all areas of the North Okanagan,” said Harter. “For anyone that would like to show an interest for future monthly shows as sponsors, with even the smallest amount of financing or goodwill ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact Gallery Vertigo. Future potential musicians, writers or artists that are interested may leave their cards as well.”

Manfred’s Guitar starts Saturday, April 1 at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. Limited seating. Admission is $7, with coffee and treats provided. Gallery Vertigo is located at #102-3105 28th Ave. Visit for more information.