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July 20, 1972 - May 17, 2020
In Loving Memory of Heidi Bannick ~
My dearest daughter Heidi. it's been a year since you left us, and we will always love and miss you until we meet again. I come across this poem that I wrote many years ago when you were just a little girl. Precious Moment
Love forever,
Mommy and Family

Precious Moment

She's out there in the glistening sun
That beams so bright it blinds you.
I stand by the window & watch her frolick,
On a mountain of snow that fell thru the night.
She sees me, smiles and waves at me,
Oh she's so dear and sweet to me,
Just like that freshly fallen snow,
I remember the baby she was just yesterday & feel a little sad.
I pray oh Lord that she'll get to know you,
And make you Master of her life
To guide and help this carefree child,
Through trials and errors that will come her way.
For all too soon she'll be a teen-ager,
With pimples and problems to face,
Oh Lord I need your patience and love,
Wisdom and strength to help me thru this time.
This moment for me will never end,
For I will lock it in my heart,
I'll cherish it in the years to come,
When the road gets hard and rough.
Someday she'll be a woman grown.
With children of her own.
But somehow to me she'll always be,
This little girl so full of joy playing in the snow.