Ads interfere with newspaper purpose: LETTERS

Ads interfere with newspaper purpose: LETTERS

Out-of-province advertising has nothing to do with community

Dear Editor:

With regard to this morning’s Morning Star Paper (Oct. 25, 2019) as I saw the front page I wondered if your paper is a “news” paper or an “ad” paper. The front page of the paper is a full page advertisement for a business located in Langley. Am I to assume that there is nothing news worthy in Vernon, the Okanagan, the Province of B.C., the Country of Canada or in the entire world for that matter? I was led to believe that a newspaper’s front page should have a news headline that would grab the readers attention so as to continue reading the paper. I guess you are becoming more interested in the almighty dollar (and I believe your paper is funded by advertisements) than you are about the news . The half page ads wrapped around the front page were at least somewhat understandable but a full page? Not only was the front page a full page ad for an out of town business, part of the paper itself made up the back page. I for one am disappointed in the direction your paper seems to be headed.


Greg Kalanchey